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  • erinschrode

The Franklin Institute

An American girl in an American institution talking about American values… with a good bit of Jewishness tossed in! 🗣 Last night, I delivered a speech about service as human nature, the values of volunteerism, and giving and learning and changing through doing, foundational pillars of my life, our communities, this nation — whilst staring down a colossal marble statue of Ben Franklin himself under the iconic 80-foot dome, alongside a few hundred other proud proactive Philadelphians who gathered to support the critical mission, ongoing impact and deep commitment to tikkun olam (repair of the world) by an organization making a real difference for the food insecure, right here, right now: @JewishReliefAgency. 🙏🏾 What local efforts do you rally behind? Donate to? Volunteer with? Show up for? I’d love to hear! #BetterTogether


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