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The Conscious Kitchen is HOPE

Did you know we run a 100% fresh, local, organic, seasonal, nonGMO scratch-cooked school lunch program in public elementary schools? Because we do. And it's called The Conscious Kitchen by Turning Green!

Smile and celebrate for a brief shining moment. There is hope.

This week, we launched in a district in the East Bay with schools in Richmond and El Cerrito, California. Four years ago, people said it couldn't be done in one school in Marin City, where 95% of students qualify for free-and-reduced lunch. Well, our incredible team continues to make the impossible possible — serving FLOSN breakfast and lunch daily to an increasing number of schools — and therein, transforming the lives of thousands of kids, discipline and attendance on campus, student-teacher relationships, hands-on nutrition and garden education, culinary and leadership skills, the list goes on.

The Conscious Kitchen is a proof positive that together, we CAN improve the health, wellbeing and life outcomes for youth and communities by shifting the paradigm around food service and cultivating a local ecological food system in and around our schools.


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