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Stay Home, Save Lives

ATTN: BAY AREA! The 'shelter in place' order is NOT a lockdown. It is rightfully serious, but you can still shop for food, household and necessary supplies, access health care, and provide aid to family and friends in need. Beginning at 12:01 AM tonight until at least April 7, this will affect the six counties of Marin, San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Contra Costa and Alameda counties and all 6.7 million people who live here, in a concentrated effort to stop the spreadand risk of Coronavirus. Groceries, pharmacies and takeout from restaurants will remain open, as well as banks, gas stations, hardware and home supply stores, auto repair shops, vets and laundry services — where employees and customers need to stay six feet apart, including in lines. Everyone else is required to work from home or stop work, unless essential services, like healthcare workers, police, fire and emergency responders, utility providers and others who keep society functioning (thank you, heroes!). Reschedule all routine medical appointments and elective procedures. If you need to use taxis or public transit for essential travel, you can do so. And yes, we can still go outside for walks, exercise and sanity — just keep six feet between people. Take a deep breath. Call each other. Check in with neighbors. If you need help, I am here! Heed precautions. Flatten the curve. Stay home, save lives.


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