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Sparking International Discussion with a Digital Speaker Series

"Jakarta. Young people across Asia and around the world gathered on Thursday night (28/07) to participate in a digital lecture with millennial activist Erin Schrode, who lead the discussion… via Skype about how young people can make a difference." - Jakarta Globe


In speaking to anyone, anywhere - be it conferences, summits, universities, panels, more – my favorite element is in-depth connection. I seek to spur the audience to realize that it is not only possible to make a transition from conventional to conscious, but also that it is absolutely doable here and now. Issues of consumption, waste, public health, environmental degradation, and sustainability exist around the globe - and each and every one of us has the ability to enact, inspire, and fight for change (small, but impactful) in our daily lives and communities.

Technology is a force, one which enables us to connect and talk realtime about shared challenges, programs and solutions. On this past Thursday morning in Philadelphia, I had the privilege to chat with students who were literally on the other side of the world: in Indonesia and Malaysia. It was not simply me speaking at them through a computer monitor on a projector screen; it was a conversation with two-way exchange about leadership, environmental activism, sustainable practices, and above all, turning passion into action!

This is just one example of the power of technology to bring us together as people, forging bonds that allow for idea sharing and collaboration for positive, real world change. Our discussion was met with incredible enthusiasm by my bright, engaged, inspiring peers – students and entrepreneurs.

Thank you to the US State Department and YSEALI for inviting me to pilot this fantastic program. I look forward to more meaningful synergy!

“This talk was the first of a Digital Speaker Series held through the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (Yseali). This program, launched by the US government in 2013, brings together young leaders from the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) to improve leadership development in Southeast Asia.”

“Over 70 students and young entrepreneurs attended the digital lecture at the @america cultural center in Pacific Place Mall, South Jakarta. Another 20 students joined the discussion via Skype from Malaysia and several more tuned in to the live-streamed conversation from cities around the world.” - Jakarta Globe

“Yseali will hold three more events in the series discussing economic development, civic engagement, and entrepreneurship.” - Jakarta Globe

Make sure to learn more about Yseali's Digital Speaker Series!


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