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  • erinschrode

Soil Is Everything!

I love flowers, trees, plants, greenery, nature — but it all comes down to my unparalleled adoration of (verging on obsession with) dirt. Soil is everything, a building block of life and solution to climate change. The answer lies beneath our feet! Healthy soil stimulates plant growth, retains water, produces nutritious food, combats desertification, enhances food security, increases crop yields, converts "waste" or scraps into useful matter AND sequesters atmospheric carbon. How do we strengthen our soils to reverse the tide of climate change and regenerate land? COMPOST! Take action today, learn more, join the challenge, and enter to win eco prizes by watching Kiss The Ground's new short film "The Compost Story" with do-gooder celebrities, key facts and clever animations galore: I'm proud to stand up for simple, high impact environmental actions that any of us can take in our daily lives and support the critical mission of this non-profit for which I'm honored to sit on the board. And how stunning is this English countryside organic garden with native plants in which I've found myself?! #compostlife


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