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She Should Run

Three words: She Should Run! Our #ErinForUs campaign is dedicated to changing the definition of who can BE a politician... and inspiring women to step into the political arena is critical for the success of all! It's an honor (and huge surprise!) to pop up in a newsletter in my inbox… especially on my birthday!

IN A NUTSHELL: Erin Schrode “recently announced that she’s running for U.S. Congress in her hometown in California’s District 2. If she wins, she’ll make history by becoming the youngest woman—and the first woman under 30—ever to be elected to Congress. Schrode turns 25 next month, which is the minimum age required for Congressional candidates.” Wow, talk about a leader.  

WHY IT MATTERS: “We’re really architecting a new vision for ourselves, for society, and for our country...but we can’t leave policy out of the equation. People are disillusioned because the system isn’t working for them—but that’s exactly why we need to get involved.” #Preach, girl. We need women like Erin, like you, to get involved in government and to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to solve the complicated issues that we face as a nation—will you think about it?

IN A NUTSHELL: “One challenge that female candidates often encounter is getting the encouragement to run in the first place. "It took about three months to talk me into running," said Bernadine Craft, who won that race to the state House in 2006 and later ran for state Senate, where she is now the Senate minority whip.” Asking women to run is crucial, and that’s why we’re here. If there’s a woman in your life who you think should run for office, ask her.

WHY IT MATTERS: "There's this pool of people that maybe someday will make a run for Congress, whether it's the House or the U.S. Senate. And there aren't a lot of women in that pool in state legislatures. And so there aren't very many women rising up to move to that next level," said Ziegler. There are over 500,000 public offices in the country and we need more women across the board, at all levels in government. When women run, they win at the same rates as men—so lets encourage more women to run, together.


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