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Ringing In The New Year

My first bite of food in 2017 is my idea of perfection. 🍴🍅 What are your food, health or diet (in the holistic sense of the word) plans, continuations or resolutions?

I began the year with a welcome 36-hour water fast 💦 and am now delighted to nourish mind, body and soul. 🙏🏾 When in doubt, eat the rainbow! I recommit each day to fuel myself with a healthy, well-balanced, nutritious, plant-based diet. I choose organic whenever and wherever possible. I eat fresh, real foods in place of packaged, processed goods. I've been glutenfree for over ten years now, vegan for seven, and vegetarian since birth (save a year — if you want the whole story, just ask). I drink copious amounts of water and fresh-pressed juice. I nosh on raw veggies and fruits and nuts. I skip all animal products to dramatically reduce my environmental footprint. I cook often and hereby avow to prepare even more meals from scratch in the coming year. I masterfully seek out like-minded food purveyors, chefs, cafés and restaurants around the globe. I never feel deprived or hungry. I relish the taste, scent, texture and beauty of each dish – and yes, I photograph most for my @ErinSchrode Instagram. I respect the integrity of sourcing, farming and sustainable agriculture. I buy local to support our communities, land and economies. I use food as my medicine and rarely, if ever, resort to prescriptions. I do liquid fasts from time to time to allow my system to recalibrate. I welcome seasonal offerings and the comings and goings of produce throughout the year. I know my farmers by name and purchase their bounties weekly. I am an unabashed foodie – and wouldn’t have it any other way.

People always ask: Erin, what do you eat/not eat? I thought a new year a good time to share… and am inspired by the feast before me right now: an array of delectable colorful spreads, glutenfree bread, chickpea veggie omelette, mixed salad, and beet-carrot-orange juice. #eatwelllivewell #foodieforlife

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