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Ricky Renuncia

🇵🇷 Power to the people! To the united. The determined. The passionate. The incensed. The dreamers. The doers. The believers. The Boricua. To Puerto Rico! History is happening in the streets, across the island, around the globe, as calls continue to strengthen, demanding that #RickyRenuncia!

Puerto Rico is on the brink… of what, no one can say. But from everything and everyone I hear and see, something major is shifting. 🇵🇷 The power of people, of protest, of passion, of possibility, of pissed-off pot-clanging peaceful proud progress is profound!

Questions and unconfirmed news reports swirling furiously across WhatsApp chats and Twitter feeds: Did the Governor of Puerto Rico already resign? Is Rosselló leaving the island? Is he at Dorado? When will his supposed pre-recorded announcement break or be released? Is another major arrest looming? #RickyRenuncia


Pa' que sepas… 🇵🇷 Live from the press room at Fortaleza in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where an announcement is set to come in reference to the Governor… but no one knows if it is or is not his resignation.

I am watching in Spanish on Un Nuevo Día here. David Begnaud has an English live feed going as well. TUNE IN! #RickyRenuncia


🇵🇷 Ricky renunció. Governor Rosselló resigned. 🇵🇷 Since the moment I set foot on the island of Puerto Rico in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Maria, never imagining that it would become my home, what struck me most was the awe-inspiring power of the people. The unrivaled strength. The phenomenal resiliency. The Boricua fire. Individuals and collectives from all walks of life, political parties and backgrounds have united with vision and force to fight peacefully for justice, for liberty, for what is right past and present — sparked once more two weeks ago by the latest charges of corruption and exposé of too many issues, discrimination and systemic failures that have long plagued, burdened and oppressed the island and millions of American citizens who call it home. From everything I have heard and seen and felt, these are new times where rightful outrage, rising consciousness, compounding frustration, creative organizing and a revolutionary spirit have called diverse masses to rally around, speak out about and protest for a specific demand: the resignation of leadership. What was deemed impossible by some only a few days ago has now come to pass in this historic moment: Governor Ricardo Rosselló listened to the will of the people and announced his resignation in a Facebook video tonight, effective August 2, 2019. What comes next lies in the hands of a proud, passionate, pot-clanging populace who has been woken up, rattled and activated — and therein realized their true power to an even greater degree. El pueblo unido nunca será vencido! 🇵🇷 #RickyRenuncia


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