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  • erinschrode


There is no guide, no checklist, no manual, no playbook for racial justice, let alone anti-racism. "While such resources aren't always a bad thing, I wonder how much white peoples' desire for formulaic 'how to be an ally/anti-racist' resources is tied to the desire to feel mastery and control. The work and relationships required are more difficult/messier than an exam or checklist." There is no beginning, middle, end or remotely neat bow, as DanielJCamacho summed up so well on Twitter. This shit is messy, never-ending, and life or death. And I say that from a place of immense privilege — ever seeking to understand racism as to better be able to actively fight the original sin and global pandemic, rather than face its oppressive and fatal consequences head on for a lifetime. Think about that when you feel burdened, exhausted or overwhelmed; I know I am.

Yes, I too am reading the books and watching the documentaries, buying from black owned businesses and donating to black organizations, centering black voices and elevating black content, following black activists and sharing black resources, advocating for policy reform and engaging my white friends in hard conversations, and taking notes on my listenings and learnings all day long. Meaningful direct actions do make a difference — especially when done with urgency and intent by many as a default practice (shout out to Anti-Racism Daily. Sign up: But what society needs goes far beyond personal or incremental shifts, beyond even ending police violence (newsflash: not being murdered should not be an aspirational goal); it runs so deep with roots that stretch so far, intrinsically linked to all we are and know and do. I commit, and I will recommit to the work of anti-racism.


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