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  • erinschrode

Reach Out - And Stay Safe

After my accident, so many people reached out to help. Because I was the ONE in need, THE person injured, THAT friend facing medical turmoil. I didn’t know what would come of my condition, but took great comfort in having countless generous souls regularly check up on me, places to turn with confidence, friends calling in favors, doctors to ask advice, strangers offering wisdom and kindness, others helping me navigate a hellish ordeal. I pursued multiple avenues for care and was met by doctors, nurses, specialists, medical teams and facilities ready, equipped and able to focus on serving me, as they provided attention to each and every patient.

But what if you lack that support system, care and access? How about now? Where do you go? Who do you turn to? When an entire medical system and all who work within are pushed far beyond capacity? I have friends with the virus, many who think they have it, friends of friends who have died — thankfully no one close to me is YET in a bad way, though that is sadly surely coming as cases proliferate, infection spreads and time passes. Then what? Doctors and medical professionals are heroes, overworked and underequipped, overburdened and unprotected. We must support them, appreciate them, honor them, safeguard them. And one of the very best ways we can demonstrate that is by taking care of ourselves, heeding all safety precautions and staying home. Look out for yourself. Check in on your neighbors (from a distance). Keep tabs on family. Call your friends, especially the vulnerable.

Be careful. Stay safe. I mean it. No time is optimal to get sick or face injury, Coronavirus-related or otherwise, but perhaps never more than now — when there isn’t physical capacity or proper conditions in hospitals and medical facilities to take in patients, nor mental capacity of professionals, social circles or communities to come together to support each individual amid a certain surge. With that said, if you are needing help or assistance in any way, now or in the days to come, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally — as I know the critical importance and deep meaning in feeling seen, heard, supported.


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