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Proud Of My Momma!

My mother is my hero. She has not only fundamentally shaped my life and made me the woman, doer and environmentalist I am today – but also been the inspiring, impactful, indefatigable "Mama Judi" to countless more young people through Turning Green and beyond. Here's to my momma, her fellow eco moms on this list and ALL of the powerhouse women shaping our world! Tag 'em!!

by Kaity Velez

No doubt about it, parenthood makes you think first and foremost with your heart. From the moment your baby is born, it feels as if you’re suddenly walking around wearing your heart on your sleeve. Which in turn makes you hyper-aware of all that is around us and sensitive to issues you never quite paid attention to before (but should have).

As parents, it’s our job to make the world a better place for the little ones we’ve brought into it. And the current state of affairs has made many of us even more proactive than ever before. Still, we know balancing life with kids can be all-consuming. So when we learn about moms dedicating their days to creating a better world for not only their kids, but all of ours, we take notice. And we’ve partnered with Joolz, an eco-minded company focused on positive design, to help you take notice.

From eco-activists, to sustainable designers, to green beauty experts and more, here are 25 eco-moms to watch. Be prepared to be inspired — and thankful — for all that they do.

Judi Shils, founder of Turning Green. Judi Shils isn’t new to activism. She created a campaign that opposed hazardous chemicals in beauty and personal care products and founded Search for the Cause, which probed into the skyrocketing cancer rates in Marin County. With Turning Green, Shils (along with her daughter) broadened her mission to equip high school and college students with the tools to shift mindsets towards sustainable living. Her goal: to empower future leaders to take the helm in the fight for environmental justice.

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