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Project Green Challenge 2018

Can you do something for me today? For us? For humanity? For our earth? Sign up for Project Green Challenge to become an active part of the change we wish for and need in our lives, nation and world, especially amid dark moments. And please share this post and link.

“The time is always right to do what is right.” — MLK. And there is no better time to rise up as an activist than this October with our eighth annual Turning Green 30-day challenge. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, young people in your life, peers who are outraged, community members looking for places to channel their passion, anger, desire to somehow affect positive change: SIGN UP at for a simple, fun, high impact way to get involved, plus phenomenal prizes to incentivize deeper engagement.

Together, we will break down pressing themes of social and environmental justice, educate ourselves, lead necessary and relevant change online/offline, mobilize others, transform individuals and campuses, flex both our citizen and consumer muscles, and by doing at least one tangible thing each day, maybe, just maybe, we can collectively lead people and planet in a more just, healthy, sustainable, inclusive, responsible direction now and into the future.

#PGC2018 shifts lives, just ask the tens of thousands of high school and college students from around the globe (like this group of last year’s remarkable finalists!) who have participated and emerged as powerful leaders equipped with the knowledge and tools to proactively bring about change at all levels.


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