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Plant Some Shit

I’m following Ron Finley’s advice to #PlantSomeShit. It might not be the mother f**cking kale he speaks about often, but my soon-to-fruit organic tomatoes and peppers and squash are free of toxins and rich in nutrients, grown by me at home in a tiny little space, and another step toward liberation from any number of systems!! Ron has inspired me for years, since I first saw his TED Talk, long before I ever set foot in his veritable edible oasis in South Central LA. And in the time of the pandemic, as both digital learning and gardening have taken off, so too has Ron’s groundbreaking MasterClass — but this creative mastermind is too busy in his own #GangstaGarden, too busy harvesting free food, too busy building a new reality to be caught up in the whirlwind.

In his mind, growing gardens and building community are gangsta. Soil, air and knowledge are gangsta. Shovels are his weapon. He swaps greed for seed. A firm believer that this knowledge means freedom, Ron is a proud renegade changing attitudes, perspectives and vernacular… as I share in my latest for Tyler Florence’s media platforms.

Go read all about Ron and printing your own money and designing your life and food as the solution. And then, please take that inspiration to go #plantsomeshit!

Read here.


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