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People Power!

I am an environmentalist because of the place in which I was raised: Marin County, the Bay Area, Northern California. I was so proud to speak at our People's Climate March rally before a massive, active, energized crowd - a powerful, mobilizing cry for which I hope to have photos and a video soon. What an honor to march in my hometown arm in arm with the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, the activists who hardwired grassroots organizing into my DNA, the powerhouse environmental leaders of our community and world, the next generations who are rising up to listen, learn, and drive the resistance today, tomorrow and for the next many hundreds of days. I love where I live; I protect what I love. Together, we can, must and will hold people, government, business, organizations, and media accountable. Together, we speak truth to power at every opportunity. Together, we unite, we rise, we fight, we love, we act. For our climate. For justice. For humanity. For life. #peoplesclimatemarch #bethechange

We rise! We resist! I marched proudly in yesterday's #ClimateMarch, I continue to march in my life daily. #peoplepower

Make earth great again. Fight for her. Honor her. Respect her. She's our mother, our home, our life support. #climatemarch

Doing what's natural... witty environmentalists were out in full force at the #ClimateMarch! #changeisintheair

We march for climate action. We march for justice. We march for the resistance. We march for our future. #unite #rise


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