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  • erinschrode

Our Immigration Crisis

I cannot shake this image from my mind. We should not. We must not. The United States has a veritable immigration crisis — at a border of growing chaos and desperation, in detention camps with unimaginable inhumane conditions, amid families still ripped apart, across communities living in fear of raids. What will compel real, necessary, sensible, concrete, systemic government action? This tragic, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking photo of a father and daughter’s lifeless bodies washed up dead after fleeing violence in El Salvador and perilously attempting to cross the southern border to seek asylum in Texas crushes my soul. But it will not break my resolve to do more for the most vulnerable among us, both within the country and those risking all for its promise. What are the best ways to get involved? To alleviate suffering? To affect positive change? Please share — for humanity, for our nation, for this world. And may their memories be a blessing.


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