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On A Mission - NYPL

I'm an activist on a mission (👥📆🔊 with a new schedule below!). I endeavor to be an agent of change. I aspire to catalyze critical thought and concrete action. I seek love and light – and apparently, that light found me and my-partner-in-good-trouble Michael Skolnik at just the right moment for a selfie!

This week, I will criss cross the country to continue to speak truth, to be of service, to engage honestly in face-to-face forums. Join me and tell your friends in these cities to not miss out on the magic!

– Monday 4/3 at Grand Valley State University in Michigan – Tuesday 4/4 at UC San Diego in California – Wednesday 4/5 at Loyola University Chicago in Illinois – Thursday 4/6 at The Ohio State University in Ohio – Friday 4/7 at Columbia University in the City of New York in NYC Comment below, if you'd like more information.

Last night, Skolnik and I shared the stage at the NYPL The New York Public Library

for #ShadesOfRedAndBlue to defend justice, civil rights, humanity – spontaneously busting out his #IAmAnImmigrant tee and my ACLU Nationwide pin to passionately and emphatically support our arguments mid-discussion.

Who knows what this week has in store… make it happen, make it matter, make it right.


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