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On a Mission at UCSD

Giving speeches is a gift, but what follows is even better: the extended Q+A, the personal conversations, the stories students want to tell me, the photographs they want to snap, the collaborations and projects they propose, the new friendships formed. Thank you to UCSD for hosting such a passionate, engaged group at my talk last night — many new, many who've followed my work for years and many who got on board for our #ErinForUs campaign, I'm humbled to say. I'm endlessly grateful for the opportunity to share, to listen, to support, to be of service, to inspire, to educate, to mobilize, and to catalyze concrete action among individuals, campuses, communities, the world over – made possible here with UC San Diego, Hillel International, UC San Diego Hillel and many more. #onamission

California, you're beautiful. I love my homestate and its people and places, environment and education, vistas and values. #caligirl


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