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  • erinschrode

Off Again...

What is life but a divine sequence of contrasting vignettes, a fascinating series of unfolding events, a wild juxtaposition of elements and emotions and energies, a mysterious road leading somewhere… on which we all humbly seek to find our way, bravely navigating the journey step by step — with intention, purpose, hope, conviction, love, and hopefully someone by our side. ✨ Thank you to all who walk this path with me, who chart their own inspired course, who go where they feel passionately called, who dare to dream and do, who rise in service of something greater, who support me knowingly or not, intimately or from afar, here in the holyland or in another sacred sliver of this place we call home. And with that, I’m off… 🇮🇱🛫🌍


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