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  • erinschrode

NYU's Young Alumni Award

I have some big news on this wild day… New York University is honoring me this year’s Young Alumni Award! 🙏🏾 I’m humbled by the recognition and cannot wait for the annual award luncheon in a few weeks in New York City, surrounded by dear family and friends. AND this week, I am having such fun filming with the NYU crew in Puerto Rico (in an organic dress, recycled metal necklace and sustainable birks), speaking about my journey as an activist from Marin County with Turning Green, across the nation for many pressing eco and social justice movements, around the globe (including a handful of NYU campuses abroad), and now here on this island around food justice and local agriculture. Prizes and accolades have never be a piece of my life or a motivator of any sort, as I’d rather just do the work, serve humbly, fight the fights and amplify critical messages — but to be recognized by the university that showed me the power of global citizenry and provided me with a scholarship to gain a robust educational foundation matters deeply. I am a proud NYU alum, grateful for this honor, recommit to ongoing collaborative action and can’t wait to see where the journey leads…


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