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Now Is The Time to Resist

I was #NoDAPL. I am #NoDAPL. I will remain #NoDAPL. We never ceased — nor did our brave brothers and sisters who have held ground at Standing Rock throughout a frigid winter, faced inhumane arrest, and been subjected to criminal police brutality — but now the work intensifies, the commitment deepens, the struggle continues.

Today, President Trump signed executive actions to “review and approve in an expedited manner… requests for approvals to construct and operate the Dakota Access Pipeline,” as well as advance and fast track Keystone XL. With the flick of a pen, he is that much closer to wreaking irreversible havoc on people and planet and exacerbating environmental and moral catastrophes – and it is only his second working day in office.

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept,” to quote Angela Davis.

THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Do not for one millisecond attempt to normalize, minimize or ignore the reprehensible, unprecedented and perilous actions, policies and outright lies (not so-called "alternative facts” or “falsehoods”) of Trump and his administration. We must hold elected leaders to account at each and every opportunity – starting with fighting the flood of appalling executive orders and cabinet appointees. This deluge is intentional, to confuse and create chaos such it becomes that increasingly difficult to effectively mobilize masses on all fronts simultaneously.

I call upon US to unite with everything we have to STOP the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL — to protect and defend a livable climate, clean water, human rights, public health, native sovereignty, land rights, racial equity, peace and justice, the list is endless.

Approval of these pipelines locks our nation into burning larger quantities of toxic fossil fuels for short-term profits in a world and economy with collapsing oil prices and tar sands stalls. This is the convergence of the environmental and social movements of our times, for which the President confirmed blatant disregard. Today’s executive actions are not just a direct assault upon and slap in the face for Native Americans, but for all 17 million who live in the watershed downstream, all Americans, all people on earth. Water is Life. Mni Wiconi! There exists no choice but to fight with heightened passion, urgency, unity, strength and focus.

In signing the executive orders, Trump called himself an environmentalist (the gall!) and referred to environmentalism as “out of control.” Mr. President, I do believe that YOU and the influence of fossil fuel corporations are the forces which are out of control. He refused to answer questions about or offer comment to the Standing Rock community, which is unsurprising, yet tragic. Trump doesn’t know or care about the consequences of his actions on anyone other than corporate cronies or his own bank account. Corruption charges are not unwarranted. There are multiple questionable financial and personal ties between Energy Transfer Partners (the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline) and Trump, including the ETP CEO who donated over $100,000 to Trump’s campaign, ETP Board Member Rick Perry being appointed Secretary of Energy, and Trump’s own shares of ETP. If you need yet another reason to denounce this reckless decision, after announcing a new America First policy, Trump has awarded the very first major United States infrastructure project to the Canadian company behind Keystone XL.

We, the people, must send a clear message to Trump and the administration that our voices and our collective futures do matter. The concerns of the people for whom he claims to be working (us!) are not to be ignored, including tribal nations and indigenous peoples who have faced hundreds of years of oppression and historic trauma in the name of so-called development. Let us practice love, inclusion and resistance everyday, every where, with and for every one.

Believe in the revolutionary strength of united citizens, of bold allies, of human beings standing up for what is just!

Remember, dissent, discourse and civil disobedience are democracy in action – and now is the time to reignite that fire, to organize fiercely, to resist with peace and power.

Want to get involved? Here are but a few ideas…

– Take to the streets! Millions of us joined the Women’s March across the country; now, we must rally together with clear, concrete goals against DAPL and Keystone XL! On only a few hours’ notice, thousands gathered in NYC, DC and LA tonight.

– Call your Senators and Congresspeople to tell them what you think of DAPL and KXL, as well as other legislative imperatives. Calling is far more effective than emailing – but by all means, do that too!

– Comment on the DAPL Environmental Impact Statement online.

– Donate legal skills, service and expertise. Legal action is warranted, critical, and underway; if you or anyone you know can help, please do!

– Divest from the banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL.

– Amplify the message across social platforms using #NoDAPL and#NoKXL, among other rallying cries. Write a blog, post a Facebook status, send a tweet, share an Instagram. I am very active in sharing relevant, worthwhile content from a diverse array of sources, organizations and individuals on my @ErinSchrode Twitter feed, as well as Facebook and Instagram.


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