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  • erinschrode


‪I am with you in spirit, strength and solidarity as a proud, active, outspoken Jew — one who refuses to live in fear or silence, even while horrified by the spiking anti-Semitism in this country, mourning the tragic deaths and senseless injuries of fellow Jews targeted simply for being Jewish, and sadly still dealing with brutal personal anti-Semitic attacks en masse myself, whether from neo-Nazis, white supremacists or any direction, even the seemingly unlikeliest sources. 🙏🏾🔯👊🏽 As I rise at dawn across the country (and saw that sliver of light!), I am hoping, praying and believing that today’s #NoHateNoFear March across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City will be one of purpose, power, perseverance, partnership and peace. That standing up and standing together alongside diverse allies and vocal partners will yield understanding, acceptance and unity for our rightfully fearful Jewish community in the greater New York area, across this divided nation and worldwide. That publicly, unequivocally and repeatedly denouncing anti-Semitism, hatred and discrimination against the Jewish people in all forms on any level at every possible opportunity will bring about some light, glimmers of hope and positive change amid these terrifying times. We need the city, state, nation and globe to be a safe place for all Jews and all peoples. I am #JewishAndProud, recognize the need to #StandTogether, recommit to #FightHateForGood, use my voice (and yes, all of the hashtags!) even when my still-injured body doesn’t yet allow me to take to the streets, and humbly thank all of the brave leaders and bold organizations who drive this critical movement past, present and future. If you’re in NYC, get thee to Foley Square by 11am and message me if you’re looking for like-minded people or powerhouse groups with whom to link up. Yalla! And may we always remember the wise words of Elie Wiesel, “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”


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