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Natural Nook: Sustainable Living at Home

Nature is a necessity. And while city living may not offer endless open expanses, bringing natural materials into the home offers a much needed sense of calm! Sustainable materials – eco fiber, sustainably-sourced wood, recycled/recyclable glass and metal, no plastic – are not only easy on the eye, but also an imperative in creating a healthy living space. Living in small quarters means learning the art of multifunctional areas, like an easy transformation with a space-saving expandable table and stackable chairs. Plantbased cuisine is complemented by water-light potted plants of all sizes and shapes. Take a peek around my natural nook…



Keep your table green with delightful dinner sets that are perfect for dining in alone or with friends! Plus, it's the perfect setting to dig into one of many IKEA recipes that I have adapted to fit my vegan, glutenfree diet.

Peek at this simple, elegant tablescape! Ceramic, glass, and metal are materials that complement each other well – and a muted, natural color scheme matches any meal.

Dish Set: DINERA  - $34.99

A succulent adds life and a bright pop of color to the table, without requiring too much water (or attention!). 

Plant: SUCCULENT - $3.49

Pot: ORADD - $.79

Stainless steel flatware is simple, classic, and safe.

Silverware: SKUREN - $29.99

Sip from glass glasses – for your own health and that of the planet! 

Glass: IVRIG - $2.79

Need or desire a placemat? Try these beautiful, renewable, water hyacinth ones

Table + Chairs


No nook would be complete without a place to sit, study, read, and enjoy a snack (or two)! And a natural woven rug frames the space, while adding a cozy touch. 

This wooden table is sustainably sourced and ideal for spaces of any size, as it expands or collapses seamlessly and boasts its own storage space!

Table: NORDEN - $199.00

Aluminum chairs are super lightweight and stack easily to save space! Plus, you can use them outdoors in any weather conditions without fear.

Chairs: REIDAR - $49.00 

A tall potted plant is a breath of fresh air – literally. 

Potted Plant: RAVENEA - $11.99

Shelving + Living Decor


Bring a bit of green into even the smallest of spaces with a handy steel plant stand and glassware! 

Spice up any room with this decorative, plant stand / convenient shelving unit.

Plant Stand: SALLADSKÅL- $44.99

Sustainably produced glassware is a beautiful decor element any and everywhere.

Cylindrical glass vases are perfect for tree branches, reeds or other natural decor elements. 

Glass Vase - $19.99


Peruse countless sustainable finds online or in-store with IKEA! Thank you to the IKEA team for walking the walk when it comes to sustainable living at home, as well as with product concept, design and execution – and for inviting me to experience the company's guiding principles with an array of quality items, as well as thorough and thoughtful answers to my many questions about environmental impact, health, conscious consumption, and corporate social responsibility.


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