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  • erinschrode

my Momma

Happy birthday, momma. I wish I could hug you today. I wish I could feel your arms wrapped around me. I wish we could be our silly selves together. I wish we could explore the natural world we cherish. I wish so many things, but above all, I wish that you know how much I love you — with every fiber of my being at every second of every day. I wish that you know how everything I am is because of and for you. I wish that you know how eternally grateful I am for all you are and do and sacrifice and accomplish and give and embody and create for me, your daughter, and every soul blessed to cross Judi's path in this life. I love you, dear momma of mine. More than you’ll ever know. More now than before. More than the sun, moon, stars and whole planet universe combined. Always and forever. #MommaAndBuni


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