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  • erinschrode

My Jefferson Award-Winning Momma

My momma is my hero. And she’s now a Jefferson Award winner!!! Mr. Rodgers may have been speaking about Judi Shils when he said, “Look for the helpers” amid scary news, like right now. She is honored as the visionary founder and leader of Turning Green and Conscious Kitchen, for serving hundreds of thousands of fresh, local, organic meals to students in the Bay Area, providing environmental education to young people worldwide, and inspiring a generation through mentorship and hands-on learning.

The Jefferson Awards for Public Service were created to establish a Nobel Prize for public and community service that recognizes, inspires and activates volunteerism and public service in communities, workplaces and schools across America. Founded in 1972 by Jackie O, Senator Robert Taft and Samuel Beard, the awards continue to honor distinguished individuals who better their communities, contribute to a brighter future and put others first through extraordinary achievement in public service that inspires action. Go momma!

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