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Must Be Lunch on the Brain

If you’ve signed the lease and are ready to move into your new place, you may be celebrating the fact that you don’t have to eat at a college dining hall anymore (or depend on takeout)! Congrats, it really is a great feeling to be freed of soggy wraps, overly salted stir-fries, and sub-par salad bars. Now it’s time to get serious about cooking for yourself. This means stocking your kitchen with tools for on-the-go lunches, family-style dinners and plenty of snacks for before class, after class…pretty much all the time. We’ve got a few places to get started.

Eat and serve anything from a salad to pasta to roasted veggies in versatile, durable recycled glass bowls of all sizes (that easily stack for storage!). Opt for reusable ceramic or metal plates and To-Go Ware bamboo cutlery to skip the disposables all together – you’ll cut waste, space AND spending in no time flat. Long-lasting, anti-bacterial, sustainably-sourced bamboo cutting boards have your back while you learn the fastest chopping techniques for fresh fruits and veggie.

Stay hydrated on the walk to class with a Klean Kanteen. If you want to be extra hydrated, opt for the massive 64 oz bottle or pick whatever size, color and mouth best fit your lifestyle and taste. An insulated tumbler is great for piping hot Numi tea when it’s chilly and icy cold drinks in the heat. Want glass? UKonserve’s glass bottle with a silicone sleeve offers a safe, eco-friendly alternative to plastic. EcoLunch Box and To-Go Ware multiple-compartment food containers are a must for packing balanced lunches or getting take away, and fit perfectly and securely into any bag.

Straws sucks. Period. Skip them entirely or opt for reusable glass or metal ones to cut that unnecessary plastic from your life. Klean Kanteen now has them built into some bottles and simply Straws are totally portable and easy to clean. So ditch the plastic straw entirely and spread the word!

Shop smart at the grocery store or farmers market with ChicoBag’s reusable totes. These customizable bags let you share your own message, fun pattern or club or organization in which you believe. Fill it with healthy fruits and veggies for a healthy body and mind – and you may even score a bag rebate too! 


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