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  • erinschrode

Mother's Day

I am beyond blessed to know this woman, to do life with such a soul, to call the force of nature that is Judi my mother. And here we are today — Momma and Buni at home in the garden, not taking one moment of togetherness, one breath of oxygen, one iota of health, one ray of sunshine for granted.

Last night, you corrected my pillowcase-putting-on technique — at which we both burst into hysterics. Yes, the daughter who has lived alone on many continents and moved to New York 13 years ago can indeed fend for herself. But when I’m home, I’m delighted to still be your little girl. When we went on our morning hike today, you instinctively shielded me from the rare passing car. When my still-recovering head ached on our attempt at a steep incline, you paused immediately and told me to rest my arms atop your shoulders. And while weeding this afternoon to make way for our organic starts from the Conscious Kitchen garden, I’m following your lead each step of the way. As I do in life — past, present and future. I don’t know how you’ve created this blessed reality for us, but stand in awe of and trust fully in your limitless heart, vision, commitment and integrity.

Time is so precious, so fragile, so rare, so beautiful. And there’s no one on earth I’d rather navigate the journey with than you. I didn’t think you could be a more incredible mother, but this year you’ve literally nursed me back to health with astounding patience, generosity and dedication since my accident. There were dark and painful days when we didn’t know if we’d make it, but here we are. It is the most profound blessing to be your child — to be you physically and in every other way imaginable.

You’re my everything. My sun, moon and stars. My inspiration. My hero. My teacher. My rock. My best friend. My light. My confidante. My creator. My collaborator day in and day out. My caretaker through it all. And now my cohabitant once more. I haven’t a clue what the world has in store, but so long as you’re by my side, near or far, no matter the circumstances, settings or odds, I know we’ll find a way. Because you dream and you do, magical mother of mine.


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