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  • erinschrode

Mother Nature Needs Us

We must do right by Mother Nature. And governments must do right by their citizens. We are all one, all interconnected, all share this same earth — no matter who you are or where you’re from or what you think. 🌍 I just took this photo from my bed in Northern California, where I am blessedly safe right now (albeit after yet another pained sleepless night, though my personal horrors seem the least of my worries at the present moment), but our brothers and sisters in Australia are not, as deadly, seemingly apocalyptic wildfires devastate unfathomably massive swathes of land and wipe out billions of animals, trapping and killing dozens of helpless human beings already, destroying and polluting natural resources, crippling communities and economies, and threatening many species with permanent extinction. As was proclaimed from the Golden Globes stage and should be articulated, shouted and repeated by everyone with any platform in any place at any time, “make no mistake: the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate-change based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is.” And the Australian government needs to act with all resources and all haste to protect citizens, which it has tragically failed and is failing to do. Just like in Puerto Rico, where our herman@s were jolted awake only hours ago by a series of major, destructive earthquakes — and now suffer to an even greater degree, while still attempting to recover from the disaster that was both Hurricane Maria and relief (or lack thereof) after the fact. I sincerely hope (and pray and demand) that the three plus million citizens of the United States on the island of Puerto Rico (with the south and southwest quite literally crumbling, and all municipalities facing yet another blackout) receive the swift, adequate, coordinated, just, comprehensive aid, help, assistance and otherwise that is necessary (not to mention legally obligated and formally required) from the local, islandwide and federal governments in the wake of the emergency and ongoing. These are wild, terrifying and overwhelming times for too many, and that doesn’t even go into the dangers and madness happening in the White House, Iran, Iraq, entire Middle East region, Venezuela, I can tragically go on and on and on. So use your energy, heart, time and resources wisely and where it feels right. But use them, please! Our earth needs us. Humanity needs us. And we, the people, need to do all we possibly can to safeguard, act on, speak for, stand with people and planet, and hold governments around the world to account to ensure the systems, forces and leaders who are supposed to protect us, the environment and our collective future do just that.


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