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Madre Tierra

Madre Tierra 🙌🏾🌎🌱👩🏽‍🌾 I feel more at home on an organic farm than almost anywhere else on earth. I am deeply grateful to have been raised with such a strong, deep, timeless connection with and respect for our planet and all of the bounties, goodness, resources and life she provides. To roam this enchanted island of Puerto Rico with its unparalleled natural beauty and wealth of environmental treasures is a gift — as is meeting like-minded conscious souls like master organic farmer Sebastian and his family on the spectacular sacred piece of land where they are cultivating Rancho Feliz. It is incumbent upon us to steward and honor the earth through our words, deeds, work, purchases, votes, adventures, and very existence, for she is all we have. Happy Earth Day, every day. Feliz Día de la Tierra. 🙏🏾


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