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La belle nourriture de la France

I don't speak French, but I love France. I don't eat cheese or meat or bread, but I love French food. There is something about the country that captivates me – and I just ate my way through the vegan scene of Paris like a true master of my craft! Here are a smattering of my favorite eateries. Do you have some to add to the list? Places I cannot miss on my next visit to the magical capital city? Let me know on Twitter @ErinSchrode!

Why am I obsessed with Wild & The Moon? Because the food is insanely delicious AND the commitment to sustainability truly holistic, admirable and just. This organic, vegan, glutenfree, freshly made salad with lentils, squash, hazelnuts, greens, the works — is topped with a gomasio made from the crumbles left in the dehydrator from the crackers made from veggie pulp that's a biproduct of fresh pressed juices. THAT is true zerowaste, cradle to cradle, closed loop, sustainable systems thinking. I cannot wait for this Paris hotspot to open in the US.

Wild & The Moon is the café of my dreams — from aesthetic to ambiance, mission to menu, sourcing to staff, packaging to plants.

Cauliflower soup with truffled pine nuts at Wild & The Moon. 🇫🇷🍵  Creamy, rich, delish… AND organic, vegan, glutenfree, and made with love. 

Everything I want on a sandwich and nothing I don't — mainly gluten or meat or dairy or pesticides or processed crap. Thanks, Wild & The Moon.

Genius juices at Wild & The  Moon: aloe, beet, pomegranate, mint, apple, cucumber. My skin is glowing, body energized, taste buds in heaven. 

These beautiful ingredients in a Paris window brought me to a halt on the sidewalk… so I had to go in. 🍅🍠🍍🍋🍃 What did I find at Hank's?! Plant-based pizza!

Parisian plant-based pizza parlor perfection. 🇫🇷 🍕👌🏾 [And yes, it's glutenfree too.] Seriously, Hank's Pizzeria rocks!

Yes, I ate the whole thing. 🍔 Yes, it's 100% plantbased. 🌱 Yes, Paris makes the best glutenfree breads on earth. 🇫🇷 Yes, I got all the fixings and then some. 💯 And yes, I did go to both Hank Restaurant pizzeria and burger spot back-to-back… because short vacations mean carbloading and tasting everything organic, vegan and glutenfree within city limits. FOODIES TAKE NOTE: this is among the best deluxe veggie burgers I've ever had anywhere on earth. 

What's your favorite boulangerie in Paris? 🍞🍪 Mine is Chambelland, without a shadow of a doubt, a veritable gluten-free paradise… cookies, bread, all the things my heart longs for!

Le Pain Quotidien… en Paris! I've never enjoyed my beloved baker's lunch more. But the USA shops need to step up its menu… because the vegetarian platters and variety of offerings in France are exquisite, like this mezze plate with veggies, hummus, quinoa tabouleh and cabbage. My hearty tomato soup, green salad, and glutenfree avocado toast were perfection as well! Thanks LPQ for championing organics, as well as top notch plantbased recipes and one of the best glutenfree breads around.


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