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Justice For Breonna

Use your voice on Breonna’s birthday. Because you have one and hers was permanently silenced when she was murdered by police in her home on March 13. CALL! SHARE! WRITE! POST! Keep demanding justice!

Breonna Taylor would have been 27 today. I don’t just light this candle on her birthday, I pledge to do the work for justice today and every day in her name, and in the names of so many we will never hear. She should be alive. She would be alive, if officers didn't murder this innocent civilian and essential worker after ramming down her door without warning and firing 22 shots, 8 of which hit her body. Police were at the wrong house. The man they were looking for had been arrested earlier. Still, no charges have been filed. No arrests have been made. No-knock warrants are not illegal. No justice has been served, nor have meaningful steps been taken, even with a multi-week FBI investigation.

Call for Breonna. Call for her family. Call for black women. Call for black people. Call for any life taken at the hands of police violence. Yes, I too got busy signals, but eventually got through and left voicemails for the elected officials.

You can also donate to support her family through their GoFundMe:….

And have you signed the petition yet calling for justice?

I pray for Breonna, her family and dear ones — and on her birthday, I ask that we all rise up to say her name and demand justice, #JusticeForBreonna #SayHerName #BirthdayForBreonna


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