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  • erinschrode

It's Up to Us to Choose Love

‪This alert just popped up on my phone as I drive into New York City. We are in dark times. Bombs have been sent to the Clintons, Obamas, Governor Cuomo, Congresswoman DWS, AG Holder, Soros, more, including the CNN headquarters right here in Manhattan with the goal of murder, death and destruction — though causing none, thanks to skilled, rapid response by law enforcement. Despite the severity, scale and specificity of these threats, we cannot let extremists terrorize, paralyze, destabilize or distract us in fear. We must be vigilant, alert and aware as we remain actively involved in critical work across the board, especially leading up to the midterm elections. May all of us, our educators, influencers, media, institutions, and elected leaders (including the President himself) denounce violence at every possible opportunity, choose love over hate in rhetoric and action alike, build bridges that unite our communities, nation and world, and always exercise our democratic right to vote.


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