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  • erinschrode

In My Heart And In My Mind

Puerto Rico is in my heart and on my mind. 🙏🏾🇵🇷 I’ve been checking in with loved ones all morning, in the wake of yet another 6.0 earthquake felt islandwide, and throughout these harrowing, terrifying days of tremors. Thousands of American citizens across the south of the island are now without homes and many more without SAFE homes in which they are able to sleep securely or comfortably with their families. Needs continue to evolve, as numerous organizations and individuals are on the ground responding nimbly, directly and effectively. Some are formal non-profits with websites that take tax-deductible donations — and please give, if able! I can personally vouch for the mass-feeding efforts of our World Central Kitchen teams (nuestra familia), solar light and grant-distribution by Hispanic Federation, grassroots local initiatives by CMTAS Yauco, Inc and many more. Please ask, if you’re looking for additional guidance! And phenomenal individuals are selflessly rising to help the most vulnerable populations and areas (and swiftly moving through red tape to get it done!), who also merit and depend upon monetary and in-kind support to sustain their work. Puerto Rico needs our support NOW and in what looks to be another long, complex, heretofore unknown recovery journey that is tragically not receiving adequate attention, resources or funding from any level of government, media or international aid organizations. 🙏🏾🇵🇷 Please be in touch directly if I can help in any way, whether you want to give, think of an idea, pose a question, need a connect or have specific asks. I may be far away from la isla physically, but my heart and spirit are with each and every one of the good souls doing the good work. Bendiciones a todos. A la orden, Puerto Rico. Pa’siempre.


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