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  • erinschrode

In Dust We Trust

Into the dust we go… to our sacred playa, to cocreate with a beautiful tribe, to celebrate the magic of this life, to fully and freely express love, to believe in the goodness of humanity, to feel profound depths of gratitude, to together craft the script of another exquisite burn.

If you need me, come Foam Against the Machine (aka shower!) with us at 2:30 and G, Wednesday through Saturday from 1 til 4:20pm. Ask for Buni, find me at the door to the foam dome or share maté in the Nitro Pod anytime.

And if that makes zero sense to you, I’ll reemerge from Black Rock City on Tuesday, September 4 — and, as my mother said while bidding me adieu, “maybe by the time you get back, the world will look different.” Maybe.


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