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  • erinschrode

Impeachment Day

I am trying to put my broken self and damaged brain back together as we speak… like we, the people, and some good humans in government are trying to put back together our broken, damaged nation. 🇺🇸 I can’t pick and choose which pieces need my attention or focus, because they all do: the whole damn thing. There is no gift of retrospect in knowing the worst is behind me, whether the most serious agony has passed, what information I can trust, which risks are worthwhile, how pain evolves, what lasting consequences will remain months or even years from now. With a conservative yet definitive approach that utilizes every tool available while harnessing depths of inner strength, energy and courage, all I can do is try to put my experiences into context by drawing upon, reviewing, synthesizing and expressing present truths, irrefutable facts, past precedent, experts’ best guesses, newly acquired insights, multifaceted discoveries and, of course, the vast and varied wisdom of others who have navigated similar roads and generously shared personally and publicly. Everyone and everything is a potential source of knowledge, no matter from where they may stem, that I am open to, recognizing of and prepared to accept with lessons, support and invaluable perspective that can guide me (or should I say “us") through and, I can only pray, beyond these dark times toward a better future. The work is undefined, challenging and exhausting, but something must be done — today, tomorrow and onwards. #ImpeachmentDay


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