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  • erinschrode

I'm With You.

The world will have painful, heart breaking realities. You have to give yourself space, like a day long meditation, where you focus on yourself, restore yourself, so you can go back even more empowered to be an agent of love and justice. One of the people I love most in the world sent me that text — and oh do his wise words ever resonate deep within my spirit and soul, brain and body, head and heart. And so, on the eve of Shabbat (a day of rest that has been sacred to many peoples for millennia) while tucked away in my favorite place on earth surrounded by beloved family amid nature's majesty, I am acting upon this need for self care by committing to take a deliberate pause — and then better channel all emotions and find strength to fully show up as the purposeful agent of change, the vocal activist, the present ally, the trusted friend, the creative doer, the whole human being I wish to and feel compelled to be at this wild, challenging, and often exhausting moment in time. I’m with you — in Puerto Rico, in America, in the Middle East, in whatever charged place this message may find you. Deep breath. Gratitude. Power. Love. #ShabbatShalom


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