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I'm Committed To Local Agriculture... and Proud Of It!

"This is where sustainable farming came in. World Central Kitchen wanted fresh, local food for their operation and to support the people who could provide it.

So in January, the #ChefsForPuertoRico COO, Erin Schrode, held a meeting for every Puerto Rican farmer the group could find. Schrode said she told the group: “I don’t know what our long-term mission will be, but I know I want to buy from you.”

Now, their four kitchens take deliveries regularly from a dozen farmers. “It’s a win, win, win for everybody,” explained Schrode.

In addition to buying nearly its entire supply locally, World Central Kitchen created a grant program for farmers like Efrén David Robles who were rebuilding. The need was high for things such as irrigation systems, post-harvest cleaning and production facilities, greenhouses, simple machinery and coolers."

I am humbled, proud, committed, excited to support smallscale, local agriculture here in Puerto Rico! Read more about our ongoing work across the island in The Guardian and come get to work with us on farms, eat the fresh, sustainable, beautiful, seasonal bounties, and co-create a healthier food system for people and planet.


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