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  • erinschrode

I got to be in the room where it happened... at the 2016 DNC!

Surreal. Honored. Humbled. Inspired. Energized. Onstage at the Democratic Convention… asked to represent young women in America. I snuck this selfie from the #DemsInPhilly stage, amid a powerful few days. What a moment, what a message, what a time for our nation.


Brilliant minds leading brilliant work! Watch beginning at 39:38 to hear as I share my journey and engage in dialogue on The Atlantic's Pathways to Power panel.

"The 2016 presidential elections are making history with a female presumptive nominee on the Democratic side. Could this be the tipping point for women with political ambitions?

From the vantage point of the Democratic convention, we took a look at women who are leading the charge at the local, state and national levels.

At a time when gridlock and dysfunction define the nation's politics, we highlighted the people working to bring about positive change and ask what is being done to make a career in public office more appealing and attainable for young women." - The Atlantic

The voices and incredible messages from my very first convention will stay with me for a lifetime – as I continue my journey through politics, as a grassroots activist, as someone striving to make change. 

Between hearing the inspiring words of changemakers I respect, sharing my journey at The Atlantic's Pathways to Power event, representing "Our America" on the mainstage, and countless meaningful personal conversations at any number of events, I left the convention charged up and ready to continue to fight for a more just future. 


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