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How Can We Change the World?

How do you define a human right? What is the role of intersectionality? How does one address the complexities of mental health in organizing? When did you come to terms with your personal identity? What is the best way to motivate others toward increased selflessness? How do you initially respond to a crisis? What indicators of fascism must we watch for? Why do you wake up each morning?


Just a few of the straight-forward, cut-and-dry, one-word-answer questions (ha!) that arose during the in-depth, open and profoundly meaningful Q+A after my speech at San Jose State University tonight. Two and a half hours with a packed room of engaged eyes, activated minds, and passionate hearts is a beautiful thing… and that’s before the selfies and personal conversations even began. We truly could have gone all night.

The students didn’t know this, but I needed tonight – to inspire and reinvigorate me after a trying day (or era?) of putting my soul to paper, filming with the AP about anti-Semitism (coming soon), and engaging with thousands of people around the heavy themes of hatred and discrimination. I am grateful to Hillel of Silicon Valley for hosting the brilliant event, casually titled, “How Can We Change The World? With Erin Schrode.” In speaking to the students and telling stories of activism and impact, I remembered how each of us individually and all of us collectively can/must/will be agents of local and global change.

AND I was honored and humbled to have my number one inspiration and guiding light in the back row: momma, thank you for making the long drive to come hear your daughter at work!


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