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  • erinschrode

Holding On to the VIsion

Today, I gathered for a Pesach study group — a first in my life. Digitally, of course! We all seek understanding and meaning, to an even greater degree amid darkness, tumult, unknowns and hardship, wherein relationships with spirituality, faith and the divine tend to strengthen individually and collectively. Long ago, the Jewish people waged our collective future upon education, literacy, words and ideas, as well as asking questions, engaging in dialogue, arousing curiosity and reinterpreting age-old stories with new meaning in a modern, relevant context. No matter how broken we may feel, how distressing our reality or how chaotic the world, principles and tenets remain. Each and every blessed moment is an opportunity to discover meaning, deepen connection and live our values. And to do so together, for we are never alone. Despite the current challenges presented by mandated social distancing and physical isolation (and our Zoom call earlier), life is a collective experience of interdependence. Just as we all have needs, we also all possess something uniquely beautiful to offer. Among the most important ideas of Judaism is being a member of a community, a tribe, a peoplehood — with diversity that is beautiful, critical, celebrated. And I am ever grateful for my people, especially those who joined today to share and to learn with our wise teacher Mark. There is immense capacity, potential and power in humanity when we come together in unity, not uniformity. May we hold onto the dream, the vision, the hope — for that can never be taken away — but then go out to do the work in our communities and our world.


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