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Hamilton is in Puerto Rico!

“In the room where it happened!” 🇵🇷 🎭 Hamilton is here in Puerto Rico… and I am not giving away my shot to see Lin-Manuel Miranda and a brilliant cast perform the masterpiece on our island. I truly feel lucky to be alive right now— and to be invited to the final dress rehearsal of Hamilton last night, before it begins a long-awaited, internationally-acclaimed, sold out run as we speak. The messages, lyrics and storyline of the show resonated even more powerfully against the backdrop of Puerto Rico, rich Boricua culture, innovative resilient people, and storied colonial relationship with the United States throughout history and present day.

Hamilton in Puerto Rico is bringing thousands of tourists to La Isla Del Encanto from all over the country and world, raising tens of millions for an arts and culture fund, amplifying truths and real life stories across social media and top press outlets, injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into local economies AND providing Puerto Ricans and Americans alike with the chance to hear, feel and understand the story of a Carribean-born immigrant who became one of the founding fathers of our nation. What a pivotal moment to affirm: immigrants get the job done! Puerto Rico Se Levanta — and we cannot wait to welcome you here to listen, to learn, to collaborate, to experience the power of our island.

The first person I spoke to tonight was Thomas Jefferson. The last was George Washington. Oh, what Hamilton has brought to Puerto Rico… our founding mothers and fathers reenvisioned in a new context of culture, storytelling, justice, power. 🇵🇷🙏🏾🎭 The #HamiltonPR opening night gala brought together hundreds from across the island and far beyond these shores over a shared passion, belief in a worthy vision, remarkable islandwide resiliency, phenomenal script and lyrics, new hope and opportunity, danceworthy live music, and of course Puerto Rican delicacies from Mario Pagan and our #ChefsForPuertoRico team! Buenas noches, familia. And profound gratitude to the brilliant Lin Manuel, incredible Miranda family, rockstar Hamilton cast and all the hardworking souls who made this show and this moment a reality. Tis but the beginning… and please read my last post about what a run of Hamilton means to this island, to our country, to this moment. 🙏🏾


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