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Greenpeace Democracy Pledge

Our campaign will not take a DIME from fossil fuel PACs, CEOs or lobbyists. It's one clear step to ‪#‎fixdemocracy‬. I am proud to be the first Democrat in California to sign the Greenpeace USA pledge. Ask your local representatives and candidates to sign on TODAY!

About Erin Schrode

Born and raised in Northern California, Schrode is running for California's 2nd District, which includes the entire California coast north of San Francisco.

Schrode is a long-time activist, co-founding a non-profit in 2005 focused on environmental education and advocacy with students in the US and worldwide. "...the seeds of activism were instilled in my from a young age," says Schrode. "Just because I cannot do everything does not mean I will not do something..."

Schrode has signed the Pledge to #fixdemocracy, refusing all money from fossil fuel PACs, lobbyists and executives. "Campaign finance reform was not on my radar when we launched this campaign, but after seeing firsthand the influence of money in this race and others, it has become a leading issue and one that I will absolutely address."

Schrode also affirmed her belief in a democracy in which people from all walks of life can vote. "Denying a person the right to vote (among the most important single acts to which a citizen can commit) isn’t merely wrong, it is unconstitutional."

A big thanks for Erin Schrode for taking the pledge!


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