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  • erinschrode

Flatten The Curve

I don’t know what to think about Coronavirus, but I do know to social distance, to stay home, to heed precautions, to listen to policies, to be aware — because it will save lives. It’s an odd, troubling feeling to be certain that the worst is yet to come, yet have no clue how the unavoidable realities play out or to what devastating degree. But time is of the essence and what we do now matters; we ALL have a major role to play in giving people the best shot at health and survival, even, perhaps especially, those of us who view ourselves as young and healthy. Because WE are the ones still inexplicably crowding bars, restaurants, public spaces, vacation hotspots and the like, and thus heightening risk. Our country is calling upon us to make a collective sacrifice at a time when millions of lives are on the line. And never has it been so simple: STAY HOME and SOCIAL DISTANCE as much as you possibly can to prevent spread. Period. Because many people don’t have that luxury, heroes who put their safety, security and well-being on the line everyday to keep the world running for all of us, to whom we owe a massive debt of gratitude. Knowingly and carelessly disregarding social distancing recommendations (even mandates) in the face of an unchecked pandemic is irresponsible, selfish, reckless and dangerous — not solely for you, but for vulnerable, elderly and immuno-compromised populations, for the front line and medical workers, and also to avoid not simply stressing, but entirely overwhelming and perilously fracturing a finite health care system that will not be able to meet the coming surge of sick patients locally and across the country. You don’t have to be symptomatic to carry and transmit the Coronavirus! Follow pragmatic recommendations, change behavior, deal with inconvenience, understand the circumstances, and yes, practice good hygiene — for it will mitigate needless death and devastation. We cannot do everything and much remains unknown, but we can all do something starting today that will make a massive, measurable, collective difference in the exponential growth trajectory of the outbreak, as to FLATTEN THE CURVE. Responsible actions by the masses NOW will ‬give doctors and hospitals the very best chance at being able to have the capacity to treat the sick, save lives, safeguard communities, and prevent the very worst outcomes for all society nationally and globally. Everyone will handle the crisis differently, especially amid a frustrating dearth of clarity, testing, absolutes or answers, but social distancing works — and can be implemented immediately, comprehensively and easily, without compounding systemic challenges or real anxiety through pandemonium, hysteria, division, finger-pointing, foolishness or ignorance, which help no one. We, the people, are not powerless. Whether or not leaders step up, we must take this current situation seriously, prepare practically and psychologically, act wisely, and be able to rely on each other. This is NOT about rejecting panic or alarmism; this is not about being tough, invincible, cool; this is not about choosing love over fear; this is about life or death — and we are all in it together.


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