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Filthy Jewess on Nightline

Filthy Jewess? Oven-dodging kike? Hissing weasel? Talmudic anti-human psychopath? Subversive alien jew? Evil cunt? Vampire Jew Christ-killer? All Erin Schrode.

I was on Nightline last night, speaking out against the atrocities that notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin and The Daily Stormer troll army continue to perpetrate against Jews nationwide. Employing Holocaust language and Nazi Germany imagery while blaming Jews for every societal ill past and present, Anglin wages campaigns of intimidation and terror to target specific individuals, publishing personal contact information and invoking his followers to violence toward a goal of eliminating Jews. Whitefish, Montana resident Tanya Gersh and the Southern Poverty Law Center are now suing Anglin, after she and her 12-year-old son have received a devastating barrage of threats, including voicemails, emails, social media posts, and Photoshopped images with yellow Jude stars and in concentration camps – all too familiar for many of us born Jewish in this age of spiking anti-Semitism, digital breeding grounds for hatred, and vicious unabating cyberbullying. Whether The Daily Stormer posts and videos cross the line from free speech to incitement will soon be tried in court; "tell her what you think of her” is carefully calculated language Anglin frequently employs. In recent weeks, since repulsive (though not atypical) commentary on the events of Charlottesville, the website was temporarily taken offline for violating hosting terms and conditions, after intense public pressure and social media campaigns, though has found intermittent new homes and lives on under the cover of the dark web. Like Tanya, prior to Anglin launching the attacks against me last June, I had never experienced anti-Semitism personally. Now, particularly in the wake of fatal offline violence like Charlottesville and a catastrophic response, I do not feel safe; this is not a reflection of actions in my own community, rather deeply troubling national division, rise of vocal hate groups, and ongoing personal threats from largely anonymous individuals in undisclosed locales. I get daily reminders that I am inferior, that I am not American, that I don’t belong here, that I must get out, that “my days pretending to be white are numbered,” that I am inherently evil, that I am a liar, that I need to get in the ovens once and for all. So who am I? Who are we? Where am I welcome? Where are we welcome? How do I proceed? How do we proceed? This is neither a personal crisis nor one solely relevant to Jews or those of us explicitly targeted by white supremacists; this affects all of us intimately, immediately, increasingly, inescapably. We need help, allies, professionals, accomplices, activists, friendship, love.

If you so desire to watch Nightline’s segment with the stories of Tanya, a local rabbi, myself, and Anglin…


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