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  • erinschrode

Fighting For Food Justice

Puerto Rican food! 🇵🇷🌱👊🏾 Planted, grown, harvested, sold, delivered, chopped, cooked and eaten BY Puerto Ricans here on the island. When we talk about food solutions, food economies, food justice, food security, food relief, food independence, we have to listen to and learn from those who have been here leading farming, agriculture and markets at all levels for decades. We are here to build upon solutions, respect pioneers and culture, layer on shared wisdom and best practices, leverage diverse stakeholders, and continue to innovate inclusively to steward our land and better serve our communities with improved access to fresh food, balanced nutrition, fair wage jobs, multifaceted education, efficient technologies, renewable systems, relevant skills training, you name it — all in a sustainable, positive, collaborative, impactful, just way.

Proud to be here in Puerto Rico, alongside many of the brilliant farmers I am privileged to work with daily, purchase from and call dear friends, at today’s Clinton Foundation multisector meeting about small farmers and sustainable agriculture, critical to all recovery and resiliency efforts and beyond in this region and worldwide.

Join us! It takes a village. Everyday. Forever.


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