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Farming with Martha Stewart

Took Martha Stewart and some friends to the farm!!! 🇵🇷What a day sharing about our year plus #ChefsForPuertoRico journey in food and agriculture with the legend, whilst getting our hands dirty and seeing the progress and possibility firsthand with our partners at Frutos del Guacabo farm lab in Manatí. Even after knowing of/watching/reading her my whole life, Martha blew me away— an incredibly intelligent, phenomenally well-versed, savvy, witty, active, present, dynamic powerhouse. This is but the beginning of magic to come. Thank you to my dear brother Chef José Andrés for entrusting me with a vision and believing in my passion for sustainability and local food systems AND to our remarkable teams for bringing it to life every single day. Together, we are architecting an exciting, just, inclusive, sustainable, healthy, resilient path forward for Puerto Rico, our environment, local economies, jobs, cuisine, tourism, farming, todo.


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