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  • erinschrode

Expo West 2019

There aren’t many constants in my life. But Expo West is one. For fourteen years, I’ve made the annual journey to Anaheim — not simply for the largest natural and organic trade show on earth, rather for the extraordinary diverse collective of humans who converge in one place at one time around one vision. My tribe is my everything — and Natural Products Expo West is where we gather together, break organic gluten-free bread, unleash innovation, build industries, co-create genius, mark milestones, let loose, grow onwards and upwards and evermore. I know not what the coming year will hold, but I smile with gratitude knowing simply that I’ll see you all next March.


Thank you, universe, for my sisters. Thank you, #ExpoWest, for bringing us together each year. 🙏🏾 These women (and those not pictured, but who shared in the magic) are my everything. My teachers. My rocks. My inspirations. My family. My guiding lights. My reality checks. My tribe. I am so deeply proud of each and every one of you — and cannot wait for the immense, powerful, awesome beauty, impact, discovery and joy that awaits us…

No plastic in my vagina. Thanks for asking. ♥️ A woman on a mission for our bodies and our earth at #ExpoWest and far beyond!


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