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Exploring Sri Lanka and Singapore

Sunrise in Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰 We went for a stroll at dawn along the sea and came across army guards raising the flag amid whipping morning winds. These citizens respect their country, their pride, their national agencies and identity, unlike the President of my country, who spoke appalling treasonous words in Russia.

Janaka, our masterful tuk tuk driver, blessed us many times throughout a wild ride. Whether Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Ganesh or another deity, I do not know, but this effervescent Sri Lankan man honored us genuinely, as he proudly shared the sights and sounds of his nation — where modernity and tradition coexist, where billboards light up next to temples, where dosas and hummus go side by side. Zipping about, trying to make sense of the world, not having any luck, but appreciating every single moment here on this island. 🇱🇰🙏🏾💨

Onwards, to Singapore! -- 

Singapore overfloweth with green spaces and wild architecture which make for spectacular urban landscapes! I kvelled like my grandmother over the gardens, devoured plant based delicacies, marveled at the pre-war buildings amid modern skyscrapers, and discovered the socially conscious, fair trade shop of my dreams. Needless to say, I’ll be back. 🇸🇬


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