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  • erinschrode

Exploring Bangkok

… seconds before the Thai royal guard turned around and realized I’d snuck through a back entrance of The Grand Palace and was snapping photos ever so innocently. 🙊🇹🇭 #ihavethisthingwithdoors

Stop sucking!!! For our earth, our oceans, and our beloved whales and turtles. ♻️🌎🐳🐢 I squealed upon entering Positive Green Organic and Natural Foods in Bangkok — and seeing this brilliant campaign FOR reusables and AGAINST single use plastics, especially the ubiquitous straw. We need strong global messaging, synergy and action.

This city is rich with treasures. This world. This life. But we must actively seek and see the magic in our midst. In Bangkok, a tranquil temple is never more than a short stroll or tuk tuk ride away… and for that (and the phenomenal pad thai in Thailand), I am grateful.


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