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Ethiopian Food in Norway

I seek out quality food in any and every city I visit for phenomenal local flavors AND powerful insight into culture, sustainability, agriculture, health, immigration, food systems, seasonality, foraging, recycling, zero waste, conservation, natural resources, veganism, environmental policy and oh so much more. Norway is a leader across the board. And I am quite literally eating my way through Oslo. Here are four spots that we loved…

Most of us know Aleppo by its ruins, rather than cuisine — a city caught in the midst of horrific war and tragedy. 🇸🇾 But some brave souls who fled are now sharing the wonders of their traditional foods, as refugees craft a new life in peace and comfort far from home.

Instagram-worthy, superfood-rich, custom smoothies bowls at the airport wowed me. The rest of the world really needs to step up its game before takeoff. 🛫

Phenomenal Ethiopian food in Norway is another sign that immigrants get the job done… and with beloved gluten-free, tangy teff flour no less! 🇪🇹 A mini injera taco hit the spot at VippaOslo, an international food court in shipping containers on the water. Yes, it’s that cool.

Ett Bord proudly sources over 90% organic ingredients, serving up countless conscious, ethical, sustainable AND delicious dishes! 🌱 Bonus: community table with fascinating Norwegians and live sprouts cut to order.


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