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  • erinschrode


The universe left me in awe today on macro and micro levels. 🌘 I could not believe the sight of 78% of the sun covered in darkness by the moon before my own eyes, let alone the images my friends shared from the path of the total solar eclipse 🌑; it all looked straight out of a comic book or science fiction film. I marvel at the fact that scientists predicted 🔭 exactly where, when and to what degree the awe-inspiring event would occur with such specificity and accuracy (the same community who declare climate change 🌎 real, might I add). My dearest friend 👫 on earth picked me up at the crack of dawn with a delectable, organic, vegan, gfree picnic 🍴 complete with mimosas 🍊 and drove us to a secluded spot on the banks of a river in Northern California; 🌲 just the two of us, buzzing bees 🐝, chirping birds, and our silly, yet sensational solar glasses (on the precise tenth anniversary of the unforgettable date we met: August 21, 2007). We felt a powerful energetic shift wherein the animals quieted, as our divided nation came together to experience a cosmic wonder. 🇺🇸 The shadow cast over our country still lingers, but light will prevail. ✨ May we continue to meet darkness with light and hatred with love to bring about a world with the lasting peace, balanced harmony, healthy cycles, bountiful gifts and omnipresent beauty of nature. 🌚🌞🌝


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